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Mount Pleasant Gardens and Sculpture Trail


The stunning, varied landscape of Mount Pleasant Gardens and Sculpture Trails is a perfect venue for aspiring photographers to hone their skills.  Set in the beautiful Cheshire Hills near to Delamere Forest, the gently-sloping garden boasts some of the county's finest mixed planting including herbaceous borders, woodland walks and a Japanese garden.


During both workshops there will be personalised subjects and goals and a simple induction questionnaire completed beforehand allows participants to share their interests.


At Mount Pleasant there is a small café and ample free parking.  Please get in touch prior to booking for accessibility details.

Mount Pleasant Gardens and Sculpture Trail
Mastering the Basics

Wednesdays, 3rd April to 29th September.

For one or two people, starting at £85

  • Common terminology and what all the jargon means

  • Understanding the buttons on your camera and their basic functions

  • Becoming comfortable with your camera and banish that “fear factor”

  • How to hold your camera What are M, A, S and P modes?

  • Breaking out of “auto”, the first steps to understanding shutter speed, aperture and ISO

  • The relationship between lens aperture, shutter speed and ISO

  • Understanding how to get a sharp image for your subject and end the disappointment of blurry photos

These sessions are perfect for anyone who has a camera with manual adjustments, including DSLRs, bridge, pocket compact and mirrorless cameras.

Mount Pleasant Gardens and Sculpture Trail
Next Level Digital Photography

Wednesdays, 3rd April to 29th September.

For one or two people, starting at £85

  • Shooting RAW or JPEG, the differences and advantages of one over another

  • Controlling ISO to avoid image noise and aggressive processing

  • How to shoot “fully manual”, using camera presetsd and how shutter speed and aperture can be used to create an image style

  • Understanding depth of field, bokeh and the choice of lens

  • Manipulating exposure and its impact on your image under challenging conditions

  • Colour management, including manual white balance settings

  • Composition guides such as the rule of thirds, golden ratio and leading lines

  • The management and processing digital files using popular software such as Adobe Lightroom and Luminar Neo.

Courses at Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is an intimate garden with many different facets so is particularly suited to photographers who enjoy an artistic challenge when it comes to image composition.  There are two courses for one or two participants, and included with both workshops are free access to the gardens, impartial advice on purchasing camera equipment and accessories, and email support.

Stuart carries full public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance, so you know you’re always in safe hands.  The garden does have both steps and slopes and surfaces can be slippery when wet, so please bring suitable footwear.

Workshops typically last three hours (with breaks when needed) and can be booked consecutively if required, with one taking place before lunch and another in the afternoon.

And why not combine your photography workshop with one of the other courses taking place at Mount Pleasant Gardens, such as a needle felt workshop with Louise, or a stone carving weekend workshop with Andrew.

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