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Stuart Robinson


I’ve been fascinated by photography since an early age.  My grandfather was a keen photographer who developed his own negatives and hand-coloured the prints, creating incredibly detailed, artistic and unique originals.

I was lucky to grow up surrounded by camera equipment and given the opportunity to experiment myself, but the first time I got to expose all 24-frames of a film, myself, in just one day was really exciting.

Photography has been the driving force for many aspects of my life, but I naturally gravitated towards shooting landscapes and wildlife.  In the last ten years I have been commissioned by media organisations such as the Discovery Channel and wildlife charities including Chester Zoo.  I also work with multinational brands and tourism bodies, and host photography workshops for photographers of all skill levels.

Being close to nature is where I'm most comfortable; there’s nothing more magical or rewarding than seeing your first otter on the Isle of Skye, watching the aurora borealis from the top of a snow-capped mountain or seeing an endangered Asian elephant calf take its first steps.

The thrill is not always about capturing a technically-perfect image, the thrill is about being there, and photography is just an excuse.

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